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‘See How The Senegalese Player Who Was Called 'Ugly' Has Transformed (Photos)

Krepin Diatta is a well-known Senegalese footballer who plays as a midfielder for Club Brugge KV and the Senegalese national team in international competition. He is also a talented player who has played for the Senegalese national team in the past. 

A sensational goal for Senegal in their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations opening against Tanzania garnered even more attention to the player himself. 

What he appeared to look like in the past: 

For a number of people in Africa, the goal became a source of scorn and humiliation, despite the fact that it was well-received in general. Although terrible, it is understandable given that we are our own worst enemy in our own country. It is widely assumed that racial abuse directed at black people starts with the white race, but this is no longer the case; it has now become clear that we Africans do not even tolerate one another any longer. 

Today, when an African blames another for being too dark or, more accurately, "ugly," isn't that racism elevated to unimaginable heights, as it has been in the past? 

His most recent pictures show that he is slowly but steadily undergoing an incredible transformation, as evidenced by the images above. He appears to be in the process of losing weight. As a result, some have speculated that he may have received cosmetic surgery or something else to make his face more appealing than it was previously.

Regardless of what he is doing to better his face appearance, we should respect and admire him for who he is as an African, and we should abstain from body shaming him as a result of his appearance at any point in time.

Which do you suppose is the source of his happiness now: the operation, or the fact that he has gained newfound independence from his previous situation? Your point of view is quite significant. 

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