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Terrence Mashego is one of the most brilliant player in the pitch - Hugo Broos

I'm a Chiefs fan and I'm fully behind Hugo Broos and totally happy with his braveness and team selection. So sicela ukunga sukelwa.

Hugo Broos beleives in youth and youth believes in him, imagine if he coached ama glug-glug in the Olympics instead of that defence minded David Notoane? we would've competed for sure!

Hugo Broos understands that the youth is the future. This is something our government/ruling party can learn from!

The team is so dangerous going forward, marking is so gud too, a few mistakes, there nd there... But thank you HUGO for bringing the hope back.. Here we not build anything but we competing.

Why do I like this guy, before even qualifying for the first time we are in control of our own fate in this group qualifies.. we don’t even need to take out calculators and pray bafana bafana is in good hands in Hugo Broos.

Imagine having a Hugo Broos shaking things in the political arena. The number of commissions of enquiry would sharply drop.

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