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" Chiefs Is Depressing " - This Is Not Good For Their Well Being

Ona fan have said it all that kaizer chiefs is depressing of which is not healthy for them. It is indeed not healthy for them to be depressed by kaizer chiefs. Because many bad things can happen to their well being if they are depressed. Kaizer chiefs is causing fans to be depressed.

We all know that once there is too much love from a fan to a team. Once the team start to underperform that hurts the fan. In such a way that it can lead to serious deseases such as heart attack or maybe depression. Just as the fan have said that chiefs is depressing them.

Here is the screenshot of the comment below.

This is showing us that a underperforming team can lead to fams getting sick. Of which is not good at all for their health. Even death is possible when it comes to stress and depression. That especially when it is caused by something you love.

When fans are getting depressed by kaizer chiefs. This also proves so much love they have got for their team. But as it is now depressing them that might lead to bad results regarding their health status. In that case it is important for them to be happy.

The fans to make sure that they maintain their anger so that they won't get sick. They should make sure that tbey don't kaizer chiefs much to their hearts. Because once kaizer chiefa struggles they become very emotional of which might cause them to be sick.

The fans have to make sure that they mai tain their love for the team. So that they do not get depressed so easily. That will save them from getting sick. Also stop believing too mch to the team. Because when it disappoint them they get depressed of which is not good for their health.

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