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Official: Bobby Motaung Gives an Update Ahead Of Arrows

The Glamor Boys failed to regard their device against Cape Town City on Saturday later a Covid scene at Naturena saw 31 people from their workforce test positive.

This dispersion understands that the club just had nine players open, with three of them being goalkeepers.

While the PSL are yet to legitimately comment on the event, Chiefs have now insisted that they won't pitch for their establishment at Golden Arrows on Wednesday.

Tomorrow they will disregard to get along with bolts I want to see the completion of this their framework like they will win a tableware around the end.

Keletso Kaymane ThipeKeletso Kaymane Thipe wena o hlalifile engaging with regards to Motaung s bunch o botsa batho gore keditaela I can't resist the urge to ponder the thing are u benefitting.

Thapelino Letsatsantsa Choenyane COVID-19 is a veritable pandemic to be joked about,do u think a significant gathering like managers who are apparently the gathering on structure fault it so as not to regard a contraptions.

Framework are u talking about when has a gathering anytime got centers by not with respect to a device.

Keletso Kaymane Thipe grow up Mr kaizer managers delegate isn't the principle gathering to experience occasions of Coronavirus from one side of the planet to the other has been happening even here in our affiliation no gathering has mentioned to be holiday they continued to play so.

Keletso Kaymane Thipe haha unexpectedly they are totally affected let down this is in light of the fact that it will assume us no position at any rate especially nna le wena with the exception of if u benefit somehow u put bread on your table.

Thapelino Letsatsantsa Choenyane u are using your opposition to fight and o bua matlakala fela as long everything considered against supervisors o bua.

To some degree late now there's currently one game they've not participated so they should continue to give out walk overs its Christmas regardless

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