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Sundowns Has Become A Disciplinary Team To Other Teams|Opinion

With the win of yesterday it has come to mamelodi sundowns fans. To call their team a disciplinary committee to other teams. Mamelodi sundowns has become untouchable. The win of yesterday has made the mamelodi sundowns fans. To believe that they a real threat to the other teams as they beat every team coming their way.

It's been a while since we heard that mamelodi sundowns has lost a game. No team has defeated mamelodi sundowns lately. That is causing people to say mamelodi sundowns is now a disciplinary team to all the teams it has played against with. As things looks good for sundowns in all the competetions.

Mamelodi sundowns fams are filled with so much happiness. For the to end up saying their team is a disciplinary team. It's been so long since they got beaten by any other team on the foot ball competetions. This is all great for mamelodi sundowns.

In proving what the fans have said that the team is now a disciplinary committee. Here is a comment shared by a fan on facebook in the screenshot below.

The above comment shows so much excitement to the fan. Such that he believes that his mamelodi sundowns can now overcome any team in south africa. What a great name to be called for this team. It should be happy to be regarded as the disciplinary committee.

This proves enough that mamelodi sundowns is fit enough to ay against any other team. Meaning that thier chances of wining are too much even if they can play with any otber team on the league. Mamelodi sundowns is now being called the team to discipline other team.

Hoping that mamelodi sundowns it will still become very dangerous. So that the fans are always happy meaning that more of the great names for it are still coming.

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