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Siya Kolisi Reveals Secrets About Himself

Siya Kolisi Reveals Secrets About Himself

Date: 2021/10/19

Siya Kolisi is reported to have a drinking problem like most professional athletes who suffer from substance abuse, this is because of the celebrations they have all time after they win big matches and tournaments.

Kolisi is a respectable man raised in the Eastern Cape who is the captain of the Boks, they lifted the world cup just a few years ago in Japan. He is married to a beautiful woman who treats him like a king, a woman from a different race who has been part of his life since he began his professional career. People in Eastern Cape want to be like him, they have the same hunger he had.

Siya made a lot of money playing rugby, he has been able to sit down with news24 and open up about his troubles, which shows he is a big man who is able to admit when he is wrong, it is such people that are needed in the world, who know when their wrong who treat situations like with proper care. Some people were angry as to why he has a woman from a different race like it matters, he has money and influence so he could do whatever he wants, till the money is finished he will do as he pleases.

Kolisi is able to make his family name be known from South Africa to Europe, he worked smart and hard to be where he is right now, he is a man of great influence, people love his massaging that he does with the brands like Adidas for the pandemic that had people sitting still with no food in their mouths for some time. The other secrets were that he loves his wife and family and he could not see his life going any other way than it is right now. 


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