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Here is how people reacted over Ronda Rousy's hottest pictures

Ronda Rousey is one of the well-known UFC champion, and former WWE champion. She is not just a champion, she has won a Championship belt, she has held several belts in her UFC career and also in her WWE career.

You would agree with me that, this is the only one woman that can beat the man, Becky Lynch, if they would have to go one-on-one without any disturbance, or any cheating from anyone. I don't think that the man can stand a chance with Rhonda Rousy. We are talking about a woman who has beaten other superstars that are not just females, but even male superstar like Triple H. Triple H was once manhandled by Rhonda Rousy, he can tell about the strength and the viciousness that this particular lady has.

Ronda Rousey has an athletic body. She is not just good looking, she's also fit for the ring. She knows what she is doing when she gets into the ring. She actually dominated the ring.

A lot of us did not know a lot about Ronda Rousy though we do watch UFC, but you realise that most of us got to watch UFC, we are always watching man fighting, and very few of us watch women fighting. So this makes women that are champions to be less famous because, a lot of people who do watch interested to watch men, having that mentality of saying fighting is men's things.

Thanks to Triple H and Mr McMahon family for bringing Rhonda Rousy to WWE. She became more famous, then some of us who did not know about her begin to fall in love with her person through WWE.

We now know that there's this phenomenon woman, that is not just a good on fighting, but that is also good looking. As you can see she's posted great number of her pictures through out her Facebook page, and some pictures posted through the Facebook pages that belongs to her fans.

There is no doubt, one can only say she is really good looking. She's beautiful, she's tough in the ring. Yes, she's a champion, but a lot of us did not know this side of Ronda Rousy that she can actually be this sexy, and hot.

Actually very beautiful, she looks very romantic as well. So we are all praying that she may find a way to return back to WWE. No matter what happens, I know that Rhonda is the short-tempered, but they are a lot of people that are waiting for her return, the bestest woman on the planet

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