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Top Football Players Who Surprisingly Hated Training

 For many people, the life of a player seems like a fairy tale. All that money for 90 minutes of soccer once or twice a week? and endurance is becoming increasingly important, most of his work takes place away from the cameras on training grounds and in gyms. It is sometimes forgotten that some footballers undergo extreme physical exertion week in and week out to play. However, some players despise training but still perform admirably on the field. These are some of the players who fought with training.





 When it came to alleviating the misery of training, the amazing Brazilian forward used every trick he could think of, often ending up in last place as players jogged across the pitch despite literally slicing corners off the field. At that point, Michel Salgado, a former teammate, recalled the players begging the coach not to rush him to practice to keep him fresh for the next game. 






 Let's turn to Ronaldinho's former PSG team-mate Jerome Leroy, who told SFR Sport: "Ronaldinho didn't train any day of the week." He only showed up on Friday for one game on Saturday. Ronaldinho was the man in question. I think he tried to follow in the footsteps of Romario, who went out every night but failed miserably. "In the morning Ronaldinho showed up with sunglasses," Leroy added to So Foot. He had camouflaged and went straight to the sleeping massage rooms.

Gary Lineker 




 Gary Lineker was a prolific striker for his club and England when he came close to equaling Sir Bobby Charlton's record 49 goals, but he achieved all of this despite not liking training. "It's fascinating to see Gary looking so healthy now because in his prime as a player his dislike of training sessions was famous throughout football," said Harry Redknapp in his book A Man Walks On To A Pitch: Stories from a soccer life. "On Saturdays, he just liked to come in and play." Lineker has always said he doesn't like training because he prefers to save his luck in front of a goal for the actual game. Redknapp, on the other hand, believes his batting technique was lacking. According to this interpretation, Lineker's dislike of training was due to his embarrassment about doing target practice in front of his teammates.

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