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Zimbabwe has been banned from hosting international matches at the National Sports stadium


Zimbabwe has been banned from hosting international matches at the National Sports stadium, now Kirsty Coventry has been Mnangagwa’s Sports minister for 3 years, she has terribly failed to fix this problem yet she herself is a sports woman. What an incompetent minister, a decent human being would resign if it is not working. But how can she when she also invaded a farm and is not enjoying the gravy train ride, it is incompetence and looting not sanctions

Even Zifa doesn't have their own bus.using Caps utd bus, the one government once confiscated at the border for duty fees, thus government is a shame. What they know to force people to vote for their party yet they do nothing. Kirsty is not alone in this level of incompetence, because if I remember in the year 2000 Zimbabwe was supposed to host the CAF Afcon finals, but were stripped of those hosting rights because of lack of government support towards the event. Just like in every sector of our country this regime hasn't done enough to upgrade the facilities, because of plundering our resources and looting

Remember Kirsty got that ministerial job by being a good swimmer not because she was competent enough to hold that position, same applies to all the ministers that are running ministries in Zimbabwe, not even one of them is capable of running a proper ministry but because they are good in praising mnangagwa and zanu pf, they got those jobs, If they can't run a good and proper stadium, surely we can't expect them to run proper hospitals that Zimbabweans deserve

There is no greater mark of unquestionable failure than failing amongst your peers. Zimbabwe must ask themselves why mediocrity has become our standard. Who have we allowed to superintend our national infrastructure? Why do we find it normal to accept the state of infrastructure in Zimbabwe when we see our peers in the region with better?

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