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Opinion: 10 wrestlers who have the most wins in wrestling history.

Source: Thesportster

10. Rey Mysterio: 907 wins

 It is no wonder that he has won more than 900 wins in his WWE career. Ray's career is coming to an end soon, but that does not mean he will not win a few more games one day.

 9. Sheamus won 914

 When you think about what Sheamus has done in the 11+ years with WWE, it is heartbreaking. With the victory of the Royal Rumble, the title of the King of the Rings, and the winning money in the bank, he is sure to get a job.

 High profile WrestleMania with Triple H and Daniel Bryan, as well as several singles and team champions, including three WWE champions. Sheamus currently has 914 wins under his belt, and he wants to see that figure rise.

 8. Tripple h: 1000 wins

 To put it bluntly, Triple H had a hall where several champions and 14 world champions were known. Over 1,000 wins.

 7. Hulk Hogan: Won 1015

 Throughout his career, he has competed in various promotions, including Hulkster WCW, NJPW and Impact Wrestling, but let's focus on his winning record in WWE.

 During his time with the organization, Halk Hogan competed in 1,066 matches and won 1015.

 6. Coffee Kingston: 1163 wins

 He quietly made his way into the top ten WWE superstars.

 He competed in 1991 and won 1163 times.

 5. Randy Orton: Won 1205

 Randy Orton has raised his hand 1205 times in 2291 matches in the WWE. He is one of the few WWE stars who have long been committed to the industry, and we can expect him to rise in the ranks in the coming years.

 4. The Big Show 1223

 During his WWE reign, he competed under Paul White but quickly changed his identity to The Big Show.

 The Big Show has an impressive 1223 wins for WWE in 2217 matches.

 3. Shawn Michaels: Won 1234

 In his career, he has met every major celebrity offered by the company and has won countless championships.

 During his time in the WWE, Famer Hall competed in 1776 matches and raised his hands 1234 times. A.D.

 3. Kane: 1486 won

 He has won many titles during his career, making him one of the most successful WWE stars. He won 1486 games in 2811 games.

 2. Undertaker 1699 won

 Fans have never seen a character like The Deadman before, and they have maintained their potential, perhaps becoming the greatest WWE superstar ever.

 During his career he competed in 2193 matches and won 1699.

 1. John Cena: Won 1743

 When legends like Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin left the organization one by one, WWE filled the void with young star John Sena. The 16-time WWE champion has maintained his reputation and has been the face of the brand for over a decade.

 In 2198 matches, Sena holds the record for most wins in WWE history with 1743 wins.

Source: BleacheReport

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