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Al Ahly in Big Trouble as CAF Team File Complaint Against Them

When one would think about the reigning and defending champions of CAF Champions League and the former Champions of the Egyptian Premier League Al Ahly, one would think of a team that is supposed to be properly organised and well mannered when it comes to hosting other teams for CAF competitions, this is because of the level of experience that the Egyptian side has when it comes to participating in CAF competitions, they know the challenges that comes with hosting a visiting team and they know how it's like when they have to face the struggles of traveling to other countries.

For such reasons one would expect the CAF defending champions to be well mannered and properly organised when they host other teams, but this time around Al Ahly have found themselves in big trouble as the Nigerian based side USGN has formally filed a formal complaint against them through their local association, the Nigerian Football Association. The reason for this complaint is because of how the Nigerian based side were treated from the moment they arrived in Egypt.

The reception that was organised by Al Ahly is alleged to be non professional and was inhumane to USGN and on top of that the Egyptian authorities have allegedly treated the visiting team in a disrespectful manner as they were required to quarantine themselves when they landed in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities clearly did not respect the CAF rules and regulations that as the visiting side they were to be afforded time to rest and to properly prepare themselves for the match that was scheduled for Saturday the 23rd of October.

For such reasons that caused USGN to spend at least 9 hours arguing and mending ways with the Egyptian authorities, the Nigerian Football Association have also made a request that the matxh that was scheduled for Saturday should be postponed. It can be speculated that what the Nigerians have proposed is that the game is to be played on Saturday as that's the reasonable time for their team to play Against Al Ahly.

(Source: King Fut)

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