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Top 8 Star Footballers Who Have Served In Jail


 Many people believe oral footballers are living above the law. When they get in trouble with the law, they seem to get away with barely a slap in the face. 


 Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was recently involved in an altercation at a nightclub which resulted in him facing assault charges. Many people hoped that Gerrard would escape unscathed, with many people citing that he is a professional footballer as one of the reasons. 



 However, since footballers are penalized with yellow and red cards on the field, they are not really above the law off the field either. Some were caught breaking the law and had to pay the fine. Punishment. 



Here are 8 soccer players who have spent part of their lives in prison, in no particular order. 



 7. Adam Chapman 


 In 2009, Chapman pleaded guilty to causing another man's death by reckless driving. He was sentenced to 30 months in a juvenile detention centre. 


 The young Irishman was released from prison earlier this month and will continue his career at Oxford United. He has scored five goals in his Oxford United career. 



 6. James Cotterill 


 Unlike usual, Cotterill was jailed for something that happened ON the field. In a 2006 FA Cup match, while playing for Barrow, Cotterill beat Bristol Rovers' Sean Rigg. The shot left Rigg with a double broken jaw, forcing him to eat with a spoon and drink through a straw. 


 After the incident was seen in England that evening's match of the day, Cotterill was banned from all football by the Football Association of England until March 2007. 


 In January 2007, Cotterill was sentenced to four months in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated assault. 


 He was released a few weeks later but was placed under house arrest in February, forcing him to wear an anklet at home. 



 5. Ian Wright 


 The former Arsenal and Crystal Palace star just thought he could get away with something entirely avoidable. 


 At one point, Wright owned two cars but chose not to pay his insurance and taxes for both cars. While this probably worked very well for a time, the government eventually found out and he was sentenced to 14 days. in prison for his actions or lack of them. 



 4. Stig Tufting 


 After a successful career in Germany, the Danish footballer switched careers to Premier League side Bolton Wanderers, where he ran into trouble. 


 At a celebration with his compatriots after the 2002 World Cup, Tofting headbutted the owner of a restaurant in Copenhagen. After the trial, Tofting was found guilty of assault and sentenced to four months in prison. 


 Following his conviction, his contract with Bolton was reduced until the end of 2003 and he completed the 2003 campaign while serving his sentence. 


 3. Peter Swan 


 Peter Swan was one of the best players to ever play for Sheffield Wednesday. However, he is not remembered for this. Despite being a potential world-class player, Swan was robbed of eight of his prime years. banned in football by the FA. 


 In 1962, Swan and two other Wednesday team-mates bet on Wednesday to lose their last game of the season against Ipswich Town FCI. he knows what he would have done if he had won on Wednesday. 


 When the betting ring was discovered, Swan was banned from playing football and later sentenced to four months in prison. 



 2. Nizar Trabelsi 


 Trabelsi spent a season in Germany with Fortuna Düsseldorf and what a cover. He made just one league appearance for the club and scored one goal - quite an achievement for someone who will not be remembered as a professional footballer. 


 Immediately after his first match, Trabelsi was arrested for links to Al Qaeda. Trabelsi was convicted of planning an attack on US soldiers stationed at a Belgian airbase. he was supposed to be the suicide bomber who would carry out the attack. 


 In 2003, Trabelsi was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 



 1. Lee Hughes 


 The West Bromwich Albion striker's life took a turn for the worse in 2004. One night, Hughes was behind the wheel when his Mercedes crashed into another car, killing a passenger in the other car. 


 To make matters worse, Hughes and his passenger fled the scene amid reports that Hughes had been drunk driving. The next day, Hughes turned himself in and was released on bail by the police. 


 In 2004, Hughes was convicted of death by dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

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