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King Cetshwayo Nedbank Cup champions soldier on.

King Cetshwayo Nedbank Cup champions are ready to represent the district at the provincial level. Happy Stars of Nseleni township were crowned champions and are in dire need of assistance.

Talking to Diskava, coach Muntu Dladla of Happy Stars FC expressed his excitement for his team to reach this level.

"This is a very top level and being crowned Nedbank Cup Champions of King Cetshwayo means a lot to us. Of all the 4 streams, we came out top and it is all thanks to the boys who are playing beautiful football"

Although he expressed his happiness, we couldn't help but notice that all this comes with mixed emotions. The financial struggles with reaching this level are huge. The team has to travel, pay referees, and have meals all in their pocket.

"The challenge now is that we've been given this opportunity but with no financial support. It gets really difficult because every tiny cost must be covered by us. The most disturbing thing is that those who are handling our football administration are not willing to put even a cent on us. The referees, matches, transports, kits, meals all must be on us. This is what makes it difficult and ends up killing the spirit of these boys." stated Muntu.

In a conversation with him, it also became clear that the recent abandonment of a PSL game due to similar kits is what they may face too.

"Teams aren't allowed to repeat kits. The worst case is that you meet a team who has the same colors as you after you've used the other kit. A match costs R500, add first aid kits and game refreshments then problems mount. That's how deep in trouble we are, but we are hoping someone will be able to assist us."

It is strange how football is administered at the amateur level. A competition of Nedbank's caliber can't be throwing teams in the deep end like this. Though there isn't much that can be done to change that now. It would be highly appreciated if people would be willing to donate to Happy Stars Football Club.

On behalf of Diskava, we wish you all the best, and may your hard journey be a benchmark for your club's success.

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