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Vanity upon Vanity: After All The fame, trophies Maradona had, see where he is lying

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After All the fame Maradona had medals, see where it is lying. Outdoor on vanity:

In Ecclesiastes' book King Solomon said that vanity about vanity and its vanity, not surprisingly after the basic need of men was acquired. A individual will live a great life, make money, marry, leave everything and die for only one day.

Diego is one of the world's men who will not forget. Many claim that Maradona is the best soccer player in the world. He did so much as a footballer. In his country, he brought the World Cup. He is the first football player twice in history to pay the world record fee.

He moved for a record £5 million to the City of Barcelona, and then to Napoli for a record fee of £6,9 million. The name Maradona is popular. His name is popular in Argentina. For three days the President of Argentina made his accomplishments a national sorrow.

As Maradona did all, his fame is to see where he now lies. The words of King Simon are true, in fact. In life, everything is vanity.

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