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Pitso Mosimane won the heart of South Africans after he bought this for his daughter as a graduation

Pitso 'Jingles' Mosimane, a South African football manager and player, was born on July 26, 1964. Mosimane, who was born in Kagiso, has been a coach with both SuperSport United (from 2001 to 2007) and Mamelodi Sundowns (from 2012 to 2020), where he has won many major trophies. 

The former Al Ahly leader, Pitso Mosemane, is a family man and has a gorgeous wife, Moira Mosemane, in addition to his stellar coaching career. Pitso and his wife have been given the gift of two stunning children: Lelentle and Kopano Mosemane. 

Pitso, it would appear, is currently the most ecstatic parent on the planet because his oldest child, Lelentle, has completed college. One of the things that made him proud of her was that she was studying digital media specialist in sports, the same field that he had. 

With the excitement of his daughter's upcoming college graduation, Pitso wasted no time in taking her shopping for her dream car. True, Pitso did some retail therapy and came home with a brand-spanking-new Audi vehicle for his daughter the day before yesterday. 

Lelentle apparently couldn't contain her excitement over the new car she received as a graduation present from her dad and went on a Twitter rant to express her gratitude. It's a new baby! 

I'm so appreciative!" she exclaimed. 

Now, this has caused quite a stir in the comment area, with many users praising Pitso for his thoughtfulness in selecting the ideal present for her and expressing confidence that she will continue to be inspired to do great things. 

To which Jingles replied, "Wow, well done sisi, and also well done to you Jingles, you are leading by example as the best father in South Africa, and may god keep on blessing you and her. To keep her motivated to work hard and reach her goals, a user suggests surprising her with a brand-new Sedan.

It turned out that this user wasn't the only one who was amazed by Mosemane's work; in fact, many others went to celebrate him and declare him the best father in Africa. Here are some responses to that tweet:


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