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Take a look at the pictures of Dumsani Zuma in real life

Dumsani Zuma is one of the most skillful and talented professionals football players who are playing in the Premier Soccer League.

The South African born star is now under the books of the Glamour boys, Kaizer Chiefs Football Club.

He has been off the field for different reasons. The midfielder has not made any appearance this season.

That is because of the injuries he has suffered from. Apart from the injuries, he was also suspended by the club because of drunk driving.

Not only was he suspended by the club, but he was also arrested by the police for that reason.

Good thing now is that he is back and hopefully he will make his return to the field also, as the league is now nearing its end. The fans and officials will be hoping the player plays a major role in making sure that they at least finish in the 2nd place.

Take a look at his pictures:

Dumsani Zuma Kaizer Chiefs Football Club South African


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