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Breaking: The end of Ghana at Afcon2022

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Ghana national team is well knows for holding up in nations competitions by advancing to next rounds of tournaments. In 2010 Fifa World Cup held in South Africa Ghana was the only African club who advanced to the quarterfinals. Having made it from the group stages. In African Cup of nations Afcon Ghana are well known for advancing in knockout stages, quarterfinals, semifinals.

Ghana faced South Africa in the world Cup qualifiers, of which the match was said to be fixed as Ghana were awarded an unnecessary penalty by the referee. Bafana were defeated 1:0 due to the "unfair" penalty awarded which many sport analysts and those who knows football dismissed the referees decision.

Ghana were then participating in the Afcon 2022 of which they played 3 games in the group stages and won non of the matches they played, with 1 draw and two loss. They finished at the bottom of their group which makes them automatically knocked out of the competition. South africans are happy with Ghana's exit at Afcon following the controversial decision of the referee awarding them a penalties against bafana bafana.

What's your thoughts on Ghana's exit at Afcon?

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