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Angry Ghanaian fan tweets and Beef Up SA After being Knocked Out of Competition

"Bafana Bafana is just useless, all they know is to celebrate other team's matches yet still struggling to qualify for AFCON. Ghana is number 52 in the world, far above SA, they can't compare themselves with us. I suspect they bought this referee to favor Comoros."

When last time Ghana won a trophy 50 years ago or they still celebrating that 2010 world cup quarterfinal they are not better than it's just that they have players playing abroad nothing special about them.

GHANA is out! good they must feel how painful is to be knocked out due to referees errors, but their's better because VAR was used. Now we are praying for Ghana to be knocked Out of world cup qualifies. WE PRAYING.

Tell that SUPPORTER to take all his rubish to his country he's no longer needed here in s.a we need more comoros here in s.a they deserve our piece of lands.

Fact remains, Comoros beat the hell out of Ghana . Their most important player,'Senegalese referee' was missing in action.They paid the ultimate prize.Ghana home to Accra,the flight is ready,says a very Proud South African.



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