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Our high School hatred - things we all go through but never want to talk about

(opinion)Our high School hatred - things we all go through but never want to talk about

I always avoided zanele. She was a funny kid but I couldn't stand her, continuously talking about sports and referring to herself as Supergirl. I liked her and we actually got along well when we did spend time together, but we each had our own friends so we rarely ever hung out.

When basketball season came around we became friends again as we were both on the team. When Zakithi told me that day that her brother had hung himself I felt a feeling I had never felt before in my life.

Although he was not my brother, I really experienced a feeling of loss, as I have a brother and can understand a brothers love, and can hardly imagine that inconceivable agony one would endure having to experience such a horrific tragedy.

I began to spend time with Zanele sheerly out of heartfelt sympathy. It wasn't as if I was such close friends with her, I just really wanted to be there for her. All I could think about was had I been Zanele, how good it would have felt to have someone to be close with and talk to about things.

Zanele used to be the kid I only said "hi" to in the halls, but somehow she had become my best friend. We began to spend a lot more time together, both of us feeling like we had been best friends since the day we were born, as our personalities complimented each other and were very similar.

Zanele taught me so many things that I will use for the rest of my life. Zanele's brother was really her whole life, a best friend and an amazing brother. Coping with the loss of someone who is loved so deeply and having the ability to continue on with everyday life is something which completely amazes me.

Zanele taught me that you have to make the best of your situation no matter how bad it can get. Before Zanele and I would fight to alter my situation if there was a conflict with it, but with this new perspective on things, I will accept my situation and then try my absolutle hardest to make the best of it.

As a person who tends to worry about things too much, now that I am always able to make the best of my situation, it makes things much easier for me to handle. High schools mates are not so bad after all

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