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Former Kaizer Chiefs Star Stoned to Death

A previous Chiefs star was pounded into the ground last week because of abhorrent anarchy'. His auntie stood in opposition to what his family had sorted out up until this point. 

Previous Kaizer Chiefs star Lucky Maselesele was pounded into the ground by a crowd in Alexandra on Wednesday night. Maselesele was blamed by local area individuals for taking electric links to take care of his illicit drug use. 

Alexandra police have affirmed that two suspects have been captured for the homicide. 


Maselesele's dear companions said he was battling with chronic drug use and was partner with some unacceptable individuals. Lately, Maselesele has been dynamic in rousing youthful players to abstain from costly ways of life that don't exactly measure up for their pockets. 

He was additionally encouraging youngsters locally to avoid drugs, by letting them know that he was the principal Premier Soccer League player to test positive for cocaine during his playing days. 

Maselesele's auntie Maria Masize let Scrolla.Africa know that his demise stunned their family as they are as yet grieving the passing of his mom Sophia Maselesele, who kicked the bucket of a stroke three weeks prior. She was 64. 

Masize said four individuals assaulted Maselesele on Wednesday night. 

"We don't have the foggiest idea about the rationale of the assault on the grounds that nobody has approached to us to explain to us why he was assaulted," she said. 

Four men stoned Maselesele with weighty blocks. "The vast majority of the blocks arrived on his head and it looked squashed and enlarged when we went to distinguish him at the Hillbrow government funeral home." 

Maselesele was lying oblivious subsequent to being stoned, as per a lady who came to educate the family regarding how Maselesele passed on. "They left him out and about and keeping in mind that he was making a decent attempt to find support and be safeguarded. Be that as it may, the men brought two pit bulls and released them on him. While the pit bulls bit Lucky, the men continued to toss stones at him," said Masize. "At the point when the emergency vehicle showed up with the police, he was confirmed dead on a similar spot." 

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The ones who assaulted Maselesele needed him dead, she added. "How could they need to proceed to bring the canines to complete him?" 

"In case this was a burglary as some might guarantee, we haven't heard from the police to let us know whether he was found possessing any taken things," she added. 

Masize said Maselesele was near his mom. "He was a mom's kid. His mom adored him to bits. He likewise cherished his mom. Since his mom's passing three weeks prior, he hasn't been well. It influenced him." 

Masize requested to see proof that Maselesele was taking force links. "As a family, we need affirmation from those guaranteeing that he was killed for taking force links. Perhaps the police will have that data. We don't have the foggiest idea." 

Maselesele's previous mentor Muhsin Ertugal tweeted that he was "profoundly disheartened" to hear that Lucky Maselesele had died. "I'm appreciative to have shared such incredible recollections that I will convey everlastingly, your way was short yet extremely amazing. Tear Son." 

Alexandra police headquarters head Brigadier Lindiwe Magudulela said Alexandra investigators are researching a homicide case. 

Maselesele's family begged the country to assist with assets to cover him. "We have quite recently covered his mom. We don't have assets. In the event that anybody can help, we will see the value in it," said Masize. 

Former Chiefs star beaten to death in act of mob ‘justice’ in Alex (

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