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Mzansi react to the latest statement released by Ghana Football Association

Ghana Football Association is really having hard time accepting that South Africa has laid a formal compliant to FIFA after the game between South Africa and Ghana. This is the game that saw Ghana winning the game by 1-0 and South Africans were not happy at all about this as they believe that there was match fixing. Ghana got a penalty that many believes that it did not have merit and it was not supposed to have happened in the first place.

This kind of things happens all the time in football but Ghana seems to be very angry about the action that was taken by South Africa. If Ghana is so sure that they have won fare and square, then they should not be worried at all about the complaint by South Africa, but it seems like they are having sleepless nights about this.

"It is our considerate position that the purported protest lack merit and was instituted without evidence or any grounds whatsoever and serving only to cause annoyance to the Ghana Football Association and turnish the good image of the World Cup and the Black Stars"

Ghana is not happy that South Africa will be providing evidence of their complaint withing 72 hours. According to Ghana, this is a clear indication that there is no evidence to begin with and this claim must be disregarded with the contempt it deserves.

"The South African Football Association must not be allowed to shout Wolf and then ask for 72 hours to go and check their eyes, now go and try to find a passing wolf somewhere else to come and show us"

Ghana is not happy at all about this and they are not even hiding it. The best way to describe their behaviour is anger. They just need to calm down and they should start preparing themselves for a re-match because that is what South Africa is looking for.

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