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OPINION: Why Lionel Messi's Dribbling Differs From Other Players


Messi's dribbling is a mix of deception and vision. If you're familiar with Messi's attacks, you'll notice that he usually appears to be running up the field, and that's because he is.

The majority of players dribble the ball to their desired location. Many of them try to figure out where the ball should go, but Messi does not waste time trying to figure out where the ball should go. He anticipates how the ball will move and moves with it, which is where the cleverness and vision come into play. When he advances with the ball, he ensures that it rolls at a given speed or that he sprints at a specific speed, depending on the situation, and he gives the ball directional boosts as the defenders approach. This not only progressively changes the ball's trajectory, but it also unintentionally modifies the defenders' tempo. Messi's bizarre perception of ball mechanics tricks defenders into believing the ball is coming to them, forcing them to commit to the ball.

Messi's low center of gravity is by far the most important factor that distinguishes his dribbling from that of other players. He has a low center of gravity, which allows him to dribble with more balance and stability even at rapid speeds. This allows him to be more nimble than his peers, allowing him to make swift and sharp twists and turns. It also allows him to accelerate and decelerate in a fraction of a second in brief bursts.

Messi's precise control of the ball is another feature that distinguishes him. Messi almost never makes a heavy touch on the ball. When he touches the ball, he is incredibly sensitive. When he receives the ball, he uses Newton's Second Law of Motion to try to limit the ball's momentum by lengthening the period of contact with the ball. When dribbling, he frequently uses flicks and shoulder drops to confound defenders, which adds to his dribbling charm.

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