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Kaizer Chiefs looking to add more stars to their Roaster

Kaizer Chiefs looking to add more stars to their Roster.

Date: 2021/11/10

The Amakhosi team is looking to add Sipho Mbule to their collection of players as they believe he is the one to lead the brand new improved Kaizer Chiefs Middle field, which is really having a hard time surviving the political storm which is just hurting them each and every day when they try to emphasize that they could be in a different wavelength, as they try to sign new players in this current climate.

The Amakhosi team has been at the epidemy of success for multiple years, the team is meant to win trophies that is who and what these guys are, it is just their representation and performance they put in to get in the best shape of their lives, so they can be a success and people, will understand who and what she belongs too.

Mbule will give swag to Kaizer Chiefs he will make sure that he is able to score the long-range that will bring prosperity, joy, and love back to Amakhosi, his signing will bring luck to the team, he will be able to make sure that the guys are hyped up and excited to play with him and not be anxious like at Sundowns.

Andile Jali said they will all get an opportunity to play as the time continues, but the big problem is the other players when they compete with Salaries. Players need to keep their salaries to themselves and not let the newspapers know because that will only cause resentment amongst the soccer players.

Kaizer Chiefs is a big team and it could be respected as such, they became a major success by having that cult following, where it is all followed with blindness no matter how bad the results are they would rather die than go with the winning ones, they accept that with loyalty even if the contract requirements are not met people can still come from Pirates to join but the joy would not be as sweet where you see some sort of the change in your team and victory seems very sweet.


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