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UEFA Champions League

A short history about the Team that beat Leicester city yesterday

Sportovní klub Slavia Praha – fotbal (Sports Club Slavia Prague – Football, pronounced [ˈslaːvɪja ˈpraɦa]), commonly known as Slavia Praha / Slavia Prague, is a Czech professional football club in Prague. Founded in 1892, they are the second most successful club in the Czech Republic since its independence in 1993.

Slavia Prague

Full name

Sportovní klub Slavia Praha – fotbal a.s.



(The red and whites)


(The stitched) [nb 1]


1892; 129 years ago as ACOS (Akademický cyklistický odbor Slavia)


Sinobo Stadium,

Vršovice, Prague 10, Prague




Sinobo Group, CITIC Group


Jaroslav Tvrdík

Head coach

Jindřich Trpišovský


Czech First League



They play in the Czech First League, the highest competition in the Czech Republic. They play the Prague derby with Sparta Prague, an important rivalry in Czech football. Slavia has won 20 titles, several Czech cups and the Mitropa Cup in 1938. The club has won six league titles since the foundation of the Czech league in 1993. They have also reached the semi-finals of the 1995–96 UEFA Cup and qualified for the 2007–08 UEFA Champions League group stage for the first time in their history. In 2019, Slavia reached the quarter-finals of the 2018–19 UEFA Europa League and also qualified for the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League group stage for the second time in their history.

In addition to their men's squad, Slavia Prague has reserve, youth, and women's teams.


Historical names

1892 – SK ACOS Praha (Sportovní klub Akademický cyklistický odbor Slavia Praha)

1893 – SK Slavia Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Praha)

1948 – Sokol Slavia Praha

1949 – ZSJ Dynamo Slavia Praha (Základní sportovní jednota Dynamo Slavia Praha)

1953 – DSO Dynamo Praha (Dobrovolná sportovní organizace Dynamo Praha)

1954 – TJ Dynamo Praha (Tělovýchovná jednota Dynamo Praha)

1965 – SK Slavia Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Praha)

1973 – TJ Slavia Praha (Tělovýchovná jednota Slavia Praha)

1977 – TJ Slavia IPS Praha (Tělovýchovná jednota Slavia Inženýrské průmyslové stavby Praha)

1978 – SK Slavia IPS Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Inženýrské průmyslové stavby Praha)

1991 – SK Slavia Praha (Sportovní klub Slavia Praha – fotbal, a.s.)


Slavia's greatest rivals are Sparta Prague, with whom they contest the Prague derby. A local Vršovice derby is also contested between Slavia and Bohemians 1905, whose stadium is situated a kilometre from Eden.

Slavia is widely misconceived as being a Jewish club among other fans, particularly Sparta fans, and its fans and players are often subjected to anti-semitic abuse. However, the club was not founded by Jews nor did it have any Jewish history. Football historian Vladimír Zapotocký commented in an interview that were this the case, the Nazis would have shut the club down during the wartime occupation, as they did with DFC Prag. The association stems from a friendly match played against West Ham United in 1922, when Slavia insured the match against adverse weather conditions, and the match was later cancelled due to rain. They then agreed with West Ham to play the fixture the next day, while also collecting money from the insurance company for cancelling the fixture. A week later in a Prague derby fixture, Slavia were greeted onto the pitch by chants of "vy židi!" ("you Jews!") from the Sparta fans.

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