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COVID-19 | Govt approves return of fans to sports events

Fans will be able to attend live athletic events, according to the administration now in South africa,JOHANNESBURG.

The virus(Covid 19) diseases which in the last few weeks started a spread in the sport events centers and stadium,a consideration as been brought to the control of the virus.

There will be reduction of population (fan) both in the indoor and the out door of the event centers and stadium.


The reason for the consideration of a specific number of people allowed in to the stadium is to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 in the country.

Sports fans can now return to stadiums following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions and a drop in the incidence of diseases.

The notice does state that the rules must be followed to the letter.

Spectators are allowed during sporting events, however numbers are limited to 750 for indoor venues and 2000 for outdoor venues.



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