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Ghana football association has sent a message to Patrice Motsepe (he should not take sides)

According to Soccerladuma, Ghana Football Association (GFA) president Kurt Okraku has made an impression on CAF president Patrice Motsepe after SAFA documented a grumbling with FIFA. 

According to Soccerladuma, The world football administering body affirmed on Wendesday that SAFA's dissent as to South Africa's misfortune to Ghana will be shipped off the Disciplinary Committee on 23 November 2021. 

According to Soccerladuma, The GFA reacted by delivering an explanation where they communicated their disappointment with SAFA and their dissent after Sunday's loss. 

According to Soccerladuma, Okraku, in the mean time, claims he doesn't anticipate that the CAF president should favor one side in the on-going matter regardless of his nationalty.

“I want to tell Jordaan, that he cannot drag the president of the Confederation of African Football [Patrice Motsepe] into this," Okraku Women’s Super Cup launch, according to Soccerladuma.

"Motsepe is the president of CAF and not the president of SAFA. He doesn’t call the shots as SAFA – we voted for Motsepe to represent a truly democratic African Confederation Football and not to take sides.”- he told Soccerladuma.

“And for Motsepe that I’ve known him will never take sides, and I don’t expect him to take sides."- he concluded to Soccerladuma. made a review on the penalty and this is the decision they reached:


"The replay depicts a contact and a voluntary intention by the SA player, and to use force to unlawfully obstruct the opponent, deprive him of the ball and deny him of a goal scoring opportunity in breach of Law 12 (b), (g), and (h) of FIFA Laws of the Game; and the punishment here is a direct-free kick in the area where the incident occurred."


"The SA player intentionally held Amartey and ‘unpermittedly’ pulled Amartey from behind at the time that Amartey had reached for the ball and had control of it, in violation of Law 12 (b), (g), and (h) of FIFA Laws of the Game. REFEREE'S DECISION IS HELD."

By: Oti-Asirifi

According to, as reported earlier SAFA has made it clear that they would love FIFA and CAF to follow the same procedure they followed when they ordered their encounter with Senegal to be replayed and that precedent should serve as a head around this case. With GFA now dragging Motsepe into this matter alot will happen and alot will change before this decision is taken with their message implying that Motsepe might want to take sides.

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