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Ghana Football Association has sent SAFA a strong message

As indicated by, The Ghana Football Association has conveyed a singing response to the customary protest by SAFA to world football body FIFA concerning the questionable World Cup qualifier. 

As indicated by, SAFA president Danny Jordaan positive a total customary complaint made to FIFA following Bafana's questionable 1-0 World Cup qualifier defeat to Ghana. 

As per, The South African Football Association halted a regular complaint after Sunday's contention was canvassed in conversation amidst different questionable refereeing decisions. 

As per, Boss among the calls made by Senegalese referee Maguette N'Diaye was his problematic decision to allow Ghana a punishment for an alleged foul on Daniel Amartey, which in the long run achieved Andre Ayew scoring the game overwhelming objective from the spot. 

As indicated by, Ghana has now earnestly responded to those cases made by SAFA, calling it staggering, crazy and all around slight. 

As indicated by, The assertion delivered by GFA peruses: 

"The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has firmly checked advancements in South Africa, both by the Football Association and the media after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 last Group "G" game between the four-time African Cup of Nations (AFCON) Winners and three-time World Cup members and World Cup Quarter finalists, the Black Stars, and the South Africa public group, Bafana at the Cape Coast arena. 

It is stunning, reckless, and altogether discourtesy to take note of that our partners from South Africa Football Association (with whom we have great associations with and shared donning regard) have decided to spread lies to the media as opposed to extending the genuine image of occasions previously, during and after the game. 

As a matter of first importance, before the actual game, lies about the distance among Accra and Cape Coast were delivered to the degree that it was claimed that the South African football crew required nine (9 hours to make the excursion from Accra to Cape Coast after they showed up in Ghana. Of course, the authority handle likewise tweeted during the match that the South African group was being threatened, attacked, and burglarized in Cape Coast. 


In all actuality the separation from Accra to Cape Coast is just 79 miles (127 km). Lamentably for our partners, Cape Coast is a vacationer's city and many individuals across the world have been to Cape Coast and would be stunned to hear such an unmitigated lie from no less a Football Association than the SAFA. Our associates failed to remember that we crushed them 2-0 in Cape Coast in November 2019 in a Cup of Nations qualifier. 

The absolute driving time is a little more than two (2) hours and not 7 or 9 hours. Mercifully note that the South African Team was directed to Cape Coast by Police escort and motorcade. Indeed, the South African group got to Cape Coast before the Black Stars got to Cape Coast. We ask each South African and all benevolent football devotees to google the separation from Accra to Cape Coast. 

In this way, the SAFA began making an establishment for a pile of falsehoods even before the game day itself. 

Out of regard and sportsmanship, the Ghana Football Association maintained its attention on the actual match not at all like our partners at SAFA. Of course, these charges cast an uncertainty on the steady employment done by the authorities of the South African Embassy in Ghana. Truth be told, FIFA and its guidelines doesn't permit any group to go on street for six (6) hours or nine (9) hours inside a country. One might ask, for what reason didn't the SAFA report this to FIFA or CAF. (The FIFA standard is 200 km warrant a flight). 

Despite the fact that we accept that it is inside the South African Football Association's all in all correct to call for examination, in the event that they feel that specific variables added to their misfortune, we wish to express that the way and way lies, and claims have been tossed into the public space has been entirely flighty prompting injury and savagery. 

We wish to state completely that the claims are trivial, ridiculous and needs justifies and ought to be treated with all the disdain that it merits. These charges from South Africa Football Association are only an arranged plan and a determined endeavor to move center from the loss, redirect consideration from their inability to meet all requirements for the end of the season games and unjustifiably mark the well deserved triumph of the Black Stars. 

Is it not tragic that even blameless Ball Boys (Ball Retrievers) were not saved in the claims? 

Truth be told, the Ghana Football Association won't permit the SAFA to visit its ineptitude on it through these claims. Is it not abnormal that the Coach of the South African National Team imagined that FIFA will utilize Head-to-Head when two groups end the gathering stage with similar number of focuses and must be rectified by the media? The South African group really thought Ghana required a 2-0 edge to qualify when Ghana required any success to qualify per the FIFA Regulations on the qualifiers. 

Once more, is it not weird that when the Technical Team of the Black Stars was breaking down every player of the South African group (counting their goalkeepers and objectives they have yielded and how they react during extra shots) SAFA says contender investigation is strange to the sport of football. Possibly they should check from the top groups of the world. This is how The Black Stars help the planning of each match, as it is required from each expert football crew arrangement. 

For sure, it has become important to react to the outlandish charges since it is basic for us (GFA) to secure the respectability of football in Africa and across the globe. 

It is likewise significant that everybody related with the game last Sunday (Home and Away Teams) worked autonomously, liberated from any type of terrorizing or dread. Truth be told, the authority photographic artist and media group joined to the Bafana worked with most extreme coordinated effort and with extraordinary help from the media group of Ghana, just like any remaining authorities. 

The Black Stars is a worldwide acknowledged brand that would not enjoy any demonstration to bring the game into notoriety. Ghana has been to three FIFA World Cup Tournaments and stays the main African country in history to win the FIFA World Youth Championships in 2009. We buckled down for the triumph against South Africa. The Black Stars played well and won on merit with next to no type of help from the administering authorities. 

The Ghana Football Association approach the South African Football Association to capably acknowledge rout and recognize the Black Star's accomplishment on the field, for this isn't whenever Ghana first has crushed South Africa and this won't be the last time. Truth be told, each South African knows the family of the Black Stars in football, an explanation the group has a great deal of continuing in South Africa. The GFA will keep on extending the positive picture of football and secure the honesty of the game across the globe. 

The GFA wishes to state unmistakably that we will consistently work inside the FIFA Regulations and spotlight on our next match which is a set up to contend with any of the certified groups we might be combined against. 

As a decent brandishing Association, we realize that Bafana gave it their everything except lost to a superior group (and should be direct to tell the South African public this). We wish Bafana and our partners at SAFA you can't win them all. 


We wish to express that we have gotten correspondence from FIFA and would react suitably inside the ambit of the FIFA Regulations."

Content created and supplied by: GeneralMelo (via Opera News )

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