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Intumeleng Khune’s wife caused a Frenzy on social media after she was spotted doing

Itumeleng Isaac Khune is a South African soccer player who plays the position of goalkeeper for both the Kaizer Chiefs of the Premier Soccer League and the South African national team. Khune is also a member of the South African national squad. Additionally, Khune is a participant in the Kaizer Chiefs. In his capacity as captain, he oversaw both of the teams.

It has been quite peaceful both in the locker room and on the field of play for Kaizer chiefs, and it would appear that he is no longer needed to be a part of the squad. The middle of February was the venue for Intumeleng Khune's most recent competition, which took place in the DSTV compact cup.

It would appear that now that Khune is not a member of the team, he has more time to dedicate to his family and to organize impromptu get-togethers for them. Since he is no longer a member of the squad, this is the case.

Khune could not stop talking about how pleased he was of his wife, Sphelele Khune, after she made him happy by carrying their second child on his back while he cooked some meals using firewood. He could not stop talking about how delighted he was about her. Because there was also another woman there who was waiting and checking to see whether his wife was behaving in a suitable manner, it would appear that Khune's house served as the gathering place for his family during the time that they were there.

Khune shared the photo on Twitter and boasted that he had the most incredible wife in the world. Despite the fact that it is rather fascinating to see a socialite cooking with fire and on the enormous pots that were provided for the burial, some other Twitter users were not delighted at all.

When other people observed his wife preparing food, some of them were impressed, but others were not. As a result, those people started to believe that she was merely posing for a fake photograph and that she was not truly preparing any food at all. They went as far as magnifying the photographs to demonstrate that there is nothing within the pot in order to establish their case.

Take a gander at this picture from the movie Zoomed:

They were so taken aback by the fact that she was carrying a baby on her back that they went on to say that she is indeed suitable for the role of a wife. This is despite the fact that she could have asked other members of the family to look after the child while she finished her responsibilities as a wife, as Khune explains that it is. On the other hand, a number of individuals were taken aback by Khune's actions, and they were particularly taken aback by the fact that she was carrying a child on her back.

Take a look at the comments that follow this tweet to see how other people reacted to it:


It's unique to marry a social media celebrity who is able to set aside her pride and cook for her in-laws, so I'm glad Khune eventually decided to marry her. This is one of the reasons why I'm so happy they did. I am happy for Khune and his new wife because she is the kind of woman who would make an excellent wife, and I am delighted they were able to find each other.

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