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Man Asks 'Would You Stay With An Abusive Man For 800k A Month?' Ladies Gives Sh0cking Answers!

Luda Nelson took it to Facebook to basically ask women if they are willing to keep up with an abuse man for a certain amount of a money possed as a monthly allowance.I believe this was such a necessary question especially looking at the fact that South African Gender Based Violence statistics.

The answers that alot of ladies gave might be a key to solving a major mystery related to GBV.


The post took out alot of different emotions out of people. I have alot of these answers are extremely embarrassing. I've reached a conlcusion that there are ladies that would stand for abuse as long as they get paid for it.

While some women made it clear that they are not punching bags, some did agree that they can stand for abuse provided they get compensated.

Nqobile answered yes and backed her answer by comparing this situation to real life boxing match. I mean if you think of it, boxers get paid for beating each other.

Sandisiwe said she can only agree to this if the beating only consists of slaps. She furthered to say she can only endure for this for 6 months then she is out.

One lady said she could do it for 800k because growing up her mom was getting beaten up for nothing. '800K is 800K" she said.

Although it seemed like alot of ladies would accept any kind of treatment for money. Some Women women are an exception of course.

Mandy said she is expecting a and she wouldn't want her child to grow up witnessing such. Technically, she said no to the offer.

Skye said something that literally put a smile on my face. She said men that can even afford to give such a huge amount of money to a woman doesn't even have time to be abusive. Shout out to her for not tolerating abuse even over money.

One woman said she isn't a punching bag thus rejecting the offer. She continued to say suggest that she could end up getting killed if she were to accept abuse just because she gets paid for it.

Conclusion & Solution(Opinion)

Considering the fact that relative to this one specific post alot of women would accept bad treatment inexchange for money. We should keep on focusing more on encouraging the current generation of youth ladies to work for thier own money. I believe this will decrease the chances of them accepting any form of physical abuse in exchange for money.

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