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Bafana Bafana Top player fail to convert this into a goal during match. Here is what fans had to say

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As South Africa , there are so many things we are currently good at , but it appears as if Soccer is not one of those things as we have never reached a point where our country excel in Soccer at any point and time . We sometimes reached a point where other sports even win international trophies , but when it comes to soccer it is always a different issue.

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One can not give a strong reason on what might be making the Bafana Bafana teams to always struggle over the years . It’s like there is no attempt which has never been tried , but the problem just lies with the organizations itself over the years as they continue to struggle from time to time. That’s how things are happening at this point and time.

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I think one of the things which is destroying our sports in South Africa is sports and nepotism . I think it’s due to the fact that people do not always go for the qualify , but at all material times , they go for the people who are closer to them instead of the ones who can surely do the job very well more than their friends and the ones who are closer to them.

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Manh of the South Africans at this point and time continue to be disappointed o. The results of Bafana Bafana on the field of play and the results which they continue to release from time to time as they continue not to do well even at this point ans time.

I think one of the important things which aplayers should forever know is the fact that they don’t represent their interest only in the field of play, but they surely represent the whole country at this point and time and people are interested in the results always.

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Bafana Bafana nearly scored an exciting and straight goal, but one of the players disappointed the whole team and supporters . Players must be trained more on how to score goals always and all the times

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