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Baxter please give our youngstars a chance.|Opinion

Baxter will play more defensive players instead of adding more ball players that are attack minded likes of ngcobo, baccus manyama and mashiane just to name a few.

Parker nor agay will start with 5 defenders to accommodate mathoho and Cardoso.

We support all the boys though, it's the coaches responsibility and our job is to support his vision.

Hope players will come with a refreshed mentality, good luck to everyone who still holds hope for this squad and it's technical team ...

Can Gardoso and Mathoho please join Nurkovic wherever he is going. This injuries might be a blessing in disguised cos these is the only forced changes that our coach will adhere to, otherwise our new signings and players from development weren't gonna be given a chance to showcase their talent under Baxter.

Baxter please give our youngstars a chance. Bring in Nkosimpihile Ncgobo.and happy mashiane no preassure in this game.i just hope we loose or draw so you can fokof

We've hurt Nurkovic, first he was played fit without fully being allowed to recover. Then he was overused. Then I saw last week he played with a strapped knee. We've over depended on him and caused him these injuries. Kambole is the only striker we have and he is not even registered this season. Sad.

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Baxter Gardoso Mathoho Nkosimpihile Ncgobo.and Parker


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