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Former Orlando Pirates Coach is in Trouble, He Is Guilty of The Unthinkable

Former Orlando Pirates Coach is in Trouble, He is guilty of The Unthinkable

Date: 2021/10/21

Micho was in South Africa yesterday after a sexual assault case was opened against him, this came after he was in Gheberha in Eastern Cape, solving his troubles, the Ugandan team that he manages believes in him so they are waiting for him to get back to work solve his issues with the club as that is what they want, to win games. People were speculating as to why would he leave South Africa After he did so well With Orlando Pirates back then.

Mocho is a confident super coach that knows how to make things happen, he will hire a big tycoon lawyer who will make sure that he is free and he can fulfill his duties in Uganda as there are also diamonds to be made there. Mitcho will have to weather the storm, be a man about what happened, make sure that the people around him are safe and he can trust, if not he will have to foot the bill of lawyers which is not nice when the state got you in the corner and you are doing everything you can to fight for your life but there is a person who is looking to see you fail. He was found guilty by the court but is not in prison because the charges were minor.

All these big rich people hardly ever get arrested when there are such allegations against them, what did allegedly is unthinkable, a rich man like that being abusive when he has a big club like Pirates to run, this shows that the world is a cold place, people can change and surprise you out of a blue, the people which we thought were our friends could turn and say horrible things about you to the media, and figuring it out will be complicated as law experts are not cheap. 


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