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" I no longer watch pirates matches " - Fan Saying Pirates keep on Dissapointing

Orlando pirates seem to be losing fans. And fans seem to be losing intrest in orlando pirates. The fans are saying orlando pirates seem to be always dissapointing. As the fan have shared acooment saying he no longer watch pirates games. Because they keep on dissapointing him. This is not looking good for orlando pirates.

Also it is not looking good to see fans losing intrest in their teams. Though you can never blame them. Everyone knows that is is hard to always keep on favouring a team that is always losing. The souls of pirates fans are not at ease.

Here is comment shared by the fan below.

You can see that the fan is no longer looking forward to watching any of pirates matches. And some may stop watching the games because they already know that their team will not score. And it is always either a draw or a lose.

It is heart breaking to this fan to support a losing team. As you can see he is stating that he no longer watches any matches of orlando pirates. It seems like the love of watching matches for orlando pirates has fallen to this fan. That is why he is saying this.

Orlamdo pirates should consider a solution to this massive struggle. Before it get's too late and before they lose more and more of their fans. This thing will end up being painful to them. That when they play knowing that their fans are not there to support them.

If more and more fans choses to stop watching orlando pirates games. That will make the players have a very low sef esteem. That is because the support coming from the fans is very important in the team. That is why orlando pirates has to come up with something fast to make their fans happy.

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