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Mamkhize Spotted Sitting With Fans During Chiefs & Royal AM Match

Usually, during a soccer match, you would expect the teams' management to be sitted at the VIP section of the stadium away from their fans. This is mainly to avoid destructions such as fights that may ensue among fans. Often times, we've seen how chaotic fans can become. We've witnessed stampedes which have resulted to lose of life. So having management personnel such as coaches and club owners is done for their safety and comfort.

During the match between Kaizer Chiefs and Royal AM which took place on Saturday, Mzansi spotted Mamkhize doing something out of the ordinary. Mamkhize was sitting and chanting with her Royal AM fans, away from the VIP section. This got netizens talking because it's not everyday that you would see a person of her calibre sitting besides ordinary fans throughout a match.

Lekoko on Twitter said:

"When we say the PSL is the best league in the world you think we are clowning. Where else in the world would the presidental suite be in the back of a bakkie?🤭 #DStvPrem".

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