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Mamelodi Sundowns will release more players than they have signed| OPINION

Mamelodi have atleast 50 players at their disposal and that amount of players is not easy to train even with 3 coaches, Sundowns could possibly have 3 players fighting for the same position in one team now that is a whole lot of competition.

Sundowns will atleast have to trim the team from fifty to twenty five players atleast half of their squad, Some players have already been let go and some have been placed on loan, players like Ali Meza and Lucky Mohomi have permanently left and Aubrey Ngoma, Malebogo Modise and Sammy Seabi have been placed on loan.

Ofcourse there are more players who have left Sundowns permanently and others on loan but there are still others who will face the same faith, the three coaches need to build a squad that they can work with and they need space for the players to workout properly.

Now Sundowns have lost their first match of the season but it is no reason to raise an alarm as Mamelodi are a totally different team of players and coaches, Sundowns are releasing players who are experienced and who can still get the job done.

Sundowns might have strengthen their squad but they are releasing very talented and hungry players who will have to prove themselves to their new respective teams, Sundowns are evening out the playing field by releasing some very good players so the other teams can build teams to compete.

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