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Mmusi and Dj Shimza on each others throat over R15 million spent in sports ground

The Enoch Mgijima Municipality opened a sports ground on monday which cost 15 million rands, pictures of the launch were posted on social media but the original post was removed as everyone is questioning whether corruption was involved or thats really what it cost

Since everyone is sharing their views Mmusi Maimane has been commenting all day claiming that there was corruption involved and the sports ground costed much more less than the claims

Dj Shimza made a comment on that some of the engineers in th country claim that it actual might be possible for the ground to cost that much money as a tweet was seen on some of the things that had to be done for the project to be possible

But Mmusi claims Shimza shouldnt have commented as he has worked on construction prohects before and he knows its impossible and flexing his degrees against him suggesting he has no idea what hes talking about

Even though Shimza wanted to state that this should not be taken as a politican issue but facts should be gather first before Mmusi makes hes conclusions but at the end the conversation drifted for the main issue to their personal lives .

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