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Junior Khanye: Ronaldo is the only Tall and Skilfull Player in The World

When the AFCON started many teams didn't score many goals except for Cameron. There is a a number of trends being displayed. Some teams use speed to exploit the opponents, others they use transition play, some they use high works for others but some of the tactics they don't work for other teams. Vincent Aboubakar from Cameron is currently the the top goal scorers in AFCON. He could have scored more as he missed a lot of chances. He gets it right sometimes but at times he use the wrong technic to kick the ball. He could have scored more goals.

Junior Kanye is not happy about what is being displayed at the AFCON. He believes it is high time we rely more on the football brains. He has noticed that a lot of coaches are relying much more on how big and tall the players are competing in the tournament. He says almost all the team often opt for big and tall players. He does not understand this mentality of coaches.

He is adamant that most tall and big players they lack pace. They are not quick enough. He has never seen a tall player which is very skillful in the entire world except for Manchester united player Christiano Ronaldo.

Tall players they normal lack good technic.The way they play is not very pleasing to the eyes. They rely too much on their strength and using their energy than their brains.

Junior Kanye he is not enjoying the kind of football displayed at the tournament as the is less emphasis on players displaying their skills. Players are commiting a lot of fouls on the pitch. Teams are not scoring as many goal as they are expected to. Technically most players are very poor in the tournament. Junior Kanye finds it very hard to identify the culture of African football in AFCON.

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