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Opinion: It is time for Kaizer Chiefs to give jersey number 15 to someone else

It is has been years since we saw someone donning Squad Number 15 for Kaizer Chiefs until it was given to Nkosingiphile Ngcobo during last season's CAF Champions League.

After the departure of George Maluleka, Amakhosi haven't had a player wearing Jersey number 12 and the young Ngcobo has been given the honour of donning one of the team's legendary Squad number. You will remember that number 12 became famous because of the likes of Ace Tsoelengoe and Tsiki Tsiki Thabo Mooki.

Ngcobo is also a skillful fan favourite and the team's management felt like he deserved the honour of donning Jersey number 12.

This decision got me wondering if Doctor Khumalo's number 15 will ever be released from retirement.

One will say that it has got nothing to do with Doctor being bigger than the game, the club is just honouring him and his contribution to the growth of the club. Some other teams do it as well.

What I would love to know Why didn't they do the same for Teenage Dladla, Thabo Mooki etc? I believe that there are many youngersters who wanted to be like 16V, who grew up wanting to wear Jersey number 15 at junior level, but when they get to senior level, number 15 of the idol is not available. There are many ways to honor a player.

We saw 16V being given a testimonial match in Bloemfontein back in 2003/04 season. That was one of great ways of honoring a player. I understand the intentions were good, I just don't agree with retiring a jersey. Tinashe Nengomashe gave us 10 years of service but I don't think he even got certificate!

I have got nothing against Doctor Khumalo and I know that he was a team's poster boy, a crowd puller. Lots of people started supporting Kaizer Chiefs because of him. I am aware that It is not even about longevity as he played less years for Chiefs than other players but it is about the impact he as a brand on his own made for Chiefs as a brand. I just believe that retiring the Jersey could backfire should another player make a bigger impact than him.

Maybe I am being forward and if I am, let us wait and see if Barcelona and Real Madrid will both retire jersey number 10 and 7 respectively because no one has made a great impact in soccer than Leonel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

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