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Oh No| Benny McCarthy is in Trouble

Oh No| Benny McCarthy is in Trouble

Date: 2021/09/23

AmaZulu failed to win yet another game, they faced Lamonville Golden Arrows, and this time he did not scream at the opposition coach telling him his business and how rich he is.

Ego is a bad thing as it makes everyone around you resent you and everyone else who is out to be in your position to be around you all the time acting like they like you but they secretly want to be you. Benny knows that what he said to Kaitano Tembo was wrong and he should pick his phone up and apologize like a real man with morals would.

This is an oh no moment for Benny because he has not won a game in a long time, being a coach you should be able to put your Ego aside and let players do their own thing because he is there for the players to the best version of themselves and not him.

There was an article that came out days ago about him being unfair to Simphiwe Shabalala just a few days, promising to play him but putting him on the bench every game, as he played in the world cup just because he had a good attitude even when he was on the bench for Bafana he never complained because every time they put him on he did the things that he was supposed to do.

He could be fired if he does not block his ego and make sure that he stays humble and forgive himself and people around him who might have done him wrong when he was a kid. Benny has always been the topic of discussion from when he was only 17 years old playing for South Africa and that is not because of his ego, but his desire to win the game. 


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