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New Evidence Surfaces As Ghanaian Media Proves That De Reuck Handled Amartey

The discussion that was started by the delicate punishment that was granted the Ghanaian National group when they were playing against the South African National group is by all accounts a long way from terminating, individuals are as yet discussing maybe it happened yesterday, Bafana fans and the whole South Africa are anxiously holding on to hear what the Federation of International Football Association will say as to this, they are trusting that FIFA will over-turn the outcomes and request a replay. 

Then again the Black Stars are attempting to burrow profound and get more proof to demonstrate quite that, Mamelodi Sundowns' young safeguard Rushine de Reuck took care of Daniel Amartey provoking the Senegalese ref to highlight the punishment spot without a second thought and Andre Ayew moved forward to change over the punishment. 

News arising recommends that GTV Sports have likewise proceeded to take care of their home responsibilities, they made an honest effort to take a gander at the video thuroughly and they arrived at a resolution that it was to be sure a foul since their pictures shows the hands of De Reuck on Amartey's shoulder. 

As per NUHU, a Ghanaian columnist, the TV channel has delivered pictures that demonstrates that the player was taken care of in the crate, he says the station has demonstrated it unquestionably that de Reuck pulled the Ghanaian player, which is the reason he fell and persuaded the official to blow for a punishment, he likewise added that the punishment call was really a spot on choice by the arbitrator. 

"These pictures from GTV SPORTS+ obviously shows Bafana - South Africa 🇿🇦 protector Rushine De Reuck pulled Ghana 🇬🇭 safeguard Daniel Amartey with two hands. Right punishment granted by Senegal 🇸🇳 arbitrator Maguette Ndiaye," his Facebook page post peruses. 

South Africans are disappointed with the report and are on his page advising him to disappear with his examination, some are addressing how can it be that the photos are just coming out today on Tuesday, three days after the game has been played, some went the extent that adage the photos has been photoshoped as Ghanaian media attempts to make the punishment look genuine. 

South Africa has affirmed that they have for sure dispatched a grumbling against the directing if that game, they even went the extent that maxim that they presume that there was match fixing since the greater part of the choices were against Bafana, they were denied their very own few punishments and they are trusting that they will get a replay actually like they were additionally requested to replay against Senegal a few years prior. 

FIFA is relied upon to say something on Wednesday the seventeenth November 2021 concerning the results of their discoveries as to the grumbling laid by the South African Football Association. 

Many fans have gone to a degree of addressing Nuhu Adams' news-casting abilities since he is attempting to secure his country, others are asking how van an individual who was pulled fall as though he was pushed, there is a type of inconsistency. 


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