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Malema finally met his match this white man said this to him via a video on social media

He finally met his match on the video which is moving through web-based media a white man can be heard culpable Julius Malema ensuing to discussing land being gotten back to its real owners. This video has left numerous people visiting by means of online media as they could barely envision how CIC Malema will stay exceptionally after such a dismissal on the web. 

Malema is known to respond on all that is said about him, he never keep quit when an arrangement is sent straightforwardly to his face. In any case, this time people laughed out while others could scarcely envision how the man on the video can say such words to Malema. It is dark why CIC isn't responding back. 

This could be a ticking bomb since Malema never license people to meddle with his name, does this mean he will leave people laughing on his response. Leave your comment underneath and consistently make sure to share the article.

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CIC Malema


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