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Neymar Sends Strong Love Signs To Mina With a Big Kiss

Neymar Sends Strong Love Signs To Mina

Date: 2021/10/11

Neymar Jr sent strong love signs to the Columbian Defender Mina this weekend it was quite amazing to see that transpiring on the pitch after a nasty tackle from the defender.

Brazil won the game by two goals to one, the goal scorers were Tiago Silva and David Luiz who has been performing poorly in Britain lately but managed to score a goal for their national team, the Columbian goal was scored by Jame Rodriguez who did not do very good at Real Madrid but did wonderful Germany but they let him go back to Madrid where he was not necessarily welcomed.

The picture was posted by the goal on Twitter, it had a lot of people watching, the love signs were strong, but it was tactics to make the Evertonian Defender very angry which is what he did so that he get him red-carded on the pitch.

It is true they say football is psychological rather than physical when they reach that stage on the game, being lucky is not necessarily a good thing because it does not come a lot, so rather be more good at what you do than lucky.

The defender Mina is has learned that he has to be extra cautious when he plays Neymar who is most of the time a problem when it comes to diving and not being strong on the pitch, the Russian world cup it was reported that he spent a lot of time on the ground compare to most of the guys he plays with.

The National team of Columbia had the golden generation back when in the Brazilian world cup when James was playing his best football, he had the hunger and desire to win games, but the German team was always coming to become the world champions.

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