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FIFA World Cup

FIFA is in the way of African Football's development. opinion.

Football's chance for survival isn't good for Africa, Fifa needs to rearrange the pack 

Africa has since a long time ago gave a rich wellspring of skilled footballers for associations all throughout the planet however the mainland has tasted little accomplishment on the worldwide stage. 

While there are various elements that have hampered advancement across the landmass there is little uncertainty that FIFA have made light of their part in keeping Africa. 

It was uniquely in 1982 that Africa was managed the cost of a second spot in the FIFA world cup. Cameroon's adventures at Italia 90 started trusts that Africa would satisfy its huge footballing potential and incited Brazilian legend Pele to anticipate that an African side would win the World Cup before the year 2000. 

While Africa was given an extended five spaces in the show-stopper when it expanded to a 32-country occasion in 1998, the last eight remaining parts the furthest any group from the landmass has in the World Cup. 

Senegal made a thrilling presentation at the 2002 World Cup arriving at the quarterfinals and afterward in 2010 Ghana were sent slamming out at similar stage in disputable conditions. Nigeria are the main African side to arrive at the World Cup knockout stages time and again. In 2018 no African side arrived at the last 16, and any idea that progress was being made was well and genuinely dispersed. 

UEFA has been allowed 13 spots at the World Cup for the last three releases, and will have a similar number at the 2022 show-stopper, while Africa has had only five spots. 

For the 2026 World Cup Africa will see this extend to nine contestants while UEFA's numbers will additionally grow to 16, seemingly with no rhyme or reason other than keeping up with football's business as usual. The additional three spots could and ought to have been parted among Africa and Asia, whose confederation has 46 full individuals vieing for what will be eight spots at the 2026 World Cup. Asia has only four and a half spots. 

FIFA's choice to add additional European members deceives the unmistakable predisposition the association has towards its customary base. 

African football is exceptionally cutthroat with AFCON brandishing 14 unique victors, while the Euros have just been won by 10 nations. 

Finishing a World Cup qualifying effort in Africa is inarguably a more prominent difficulty than that which faces European countries even before the effect of social, political and monetary issues are calculated in. 

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