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Opinion| Dolly awas not supposed to kick that penalty they got at the end of the game| See This

The fans feels that Dolly was not supposed to kick the penalty that Kaizer-Chiefs got. The board was already up for him to leave the ground as the coach wanted to put another player.

The way he stopped the coach from changing him just because he wanted to kick the penalty was wrong. Olrando pirates fans feel like there were wronged by that another player was supposed to kick the ball.

At the furst place the penalty was not supposed to be given as the playet lost balance. He didn't do it on purpose it was just the body balance to prevent him from falling. People are not happy by the way Kaizer-Chiefs won.

Even though they played welll the refee were supposed tp be fair. During soccer it's doesn't matter if you were losing before but they need to judge according to the current game. People feela like the game was favoring Kaizer-Chiefs.

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