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Do You Know The Japanese Wrestling Style Called "SUMO"?

In Sumo ,two people who are wearing nothing but a loincloth called a mawashi in Japanese ,face each other in dohyo or circular ring and push ,grapple and try to throw each other .The one who tries his opponent to the ground or pushes him out of the ring is the winner .Sumo began many centuries ago from approximately the period 1603 to 1868 .The Rikishi or wrestlers wear their hair into a top knot which was a normal hairstyle in the Edo period .The referee wears a uniform similar to that of Samurai ,of 600 years ago.

The wrestling is a form of tradition ,it displays the Japanese culture because the wrestlers throw salt into the ring to purify it before entering the ring .Sumo is the olde Japanese national sport. Another thing about Sumo wrestlers is their weight ,most of them are heavy in weight ,this displays how strong they are . Although it was only Japanese who were familiar with the sport , nowadays we have people from outside Japan engaging in the sport as well.

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