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CassVSNaak: Here is what mzansi is saying about the fight

I want you to win against Naak neh, but we agreed on living on the belly of the beast. Cassper is fit but endurance dololo, he will get tired fast that's where Naak comes in with the heavy punches. Because nigga has been practicing strength whereas cassper was focused on losing weight & having 6 packs.

The way cassper is confident I feel like he paid Naak to lose de match.... may de best man win mara. I don't wanna argue with anyone Naak is loosing the fight.

Good luck to both of you cassper and naakmusiq I don't have a favorite, I love you all show as the big balls you have in the ring.

Let me just say may the best prepared team win,Mara please more each other to entertain us, and go to bed with injuries. In you I believe Nyovest and I'm wishing you good luck.

I want you to teach that boy a lesson todayA very hard working man, showing us that money doesn't come easy one needs to put in some hard work. We all know that there is no way Cassper Nyovest is going to defeat Naak unless the match has been bought.

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