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OPINION| Good news to all sports lovers, see what Malema wants for you to be happy

CIC Julius Malema speaking outside the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, he President says we have no memorandum of demands, only one issue bring us here we want stadiums open

Malema is doing what's the vibrant opposition party should do you are good in opposition bench, because you push them to implement what should be implemented long time ago. So the pandemic must just be over because DA is against mandatory vaccine, Eff wants the stadiums to open all because England has ended this pandemic. The government might ignore them just because is EFF with their typical noise, but honestly Malema has a point it doesnt make sense that fans are still prohibited to attend matches while political parties organise big gatherings, without adhering to covid protocols, neutral Football lovers and pages like this one must support this move to put more pressure on our ANC led government

He is very right covid 19 started from overseas but it seems like they left it here in South Africa. Im not a member of EFF but on this matter he is on point political rallies, they don't need covid certificate. Even ANC supporters are supporting him on this one, but who can say no to this one, unto them Juju we are all behind you. There's no valid reason why the supporters are not allowed into the stadium, MultiChoice is just milking the citizens together with MP's. I wonder what makes South Africans to keep on voting for old pensioners of ANC, I would rather vote for someone who likes attention than people who are always quite when it matters most, I hate corrupt ANC with all of my heart. The first to fill stadiums are the rugby and cricket fans, they act irritated by what the EFF is doing but deep down they know that they need to go watch matches in stadium

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