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2003 Throwback Pictures Of Ronaldo And Lingard That Got People Talking

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jesse Lingard are two of the current Manchester United players in the Premier League, and the two of them are presently playing as part of the forward players for the club. Previously, Ronaldo was a member of the Manchester United team until joining Real Madrid in August 2009 after being released by the club.

He has only recently returned to Manchester United after being released by Juventus. And, as a result of his return to the club, a large number of football fans have taken to social media to share their memories of his time with the club before his departure in 2009.

An image posted on social media in response to this has elicited an array of emotions from football fans, with the majority of them being negative. When Ronaldo was playing for Manchester United before he left the club in 2009, the image represented the first time Lingard and Ronaldo had met.

The photograph depicted Lingard's appearance in 2003, when he met Ronaldo for the first time. Ronaldo was a youngster in 2003, and he was widely regarded as a youthful and enthusiastic Manchester United player at the time.

According to the photograph, Lingard was a child in 2003, demonstrating the significant age difference between him and Ronaldo. Ronaldo is 36 years old, whilst Jesse Lingard is 28 years old at the time of this writing. Lingard was just 11 years old at the time of the photograph's taking in 2003, and in comparison to Ronaldo, he is nothing more than a youngster who was training at Manchester United's football school at the time.

As a result, their old photograph and their present photograph were contrasted to demonstrate the metamorphosis that has occurred between the time that Ronaldo left Manchester United and the time that he has returned.

In response to this photograph, a large number of football fans expressed their opinions and offered various observations on Lingard's appearance when he was younger, as well as observations about the man he has grown into.

According to reports, Ronaldo used to tutor Lingard while the latter was a member of Manchester United's football academy, and as a result, the two players are now teammates at the same club.


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