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3 Most Devastating Injuries In Football


The most popular sport in the world is football. More than 200 nations have embraced this lovely sport over the years, and today social media is crowded with fan bases. Check out the Worst Football Injuries.

Football is a contact sport, thus injuries are always a possibility. In athletics, there is always a risk. Minor wounds are simple to heal, but sometimes the severity of the wounds puts players' lives in peril and ends their professional careers.

Over the years, football players from other nations have sustained such terrible wounds. But some football injuries are so severe that they qualify as the worst football injuries of all time.

First, David Busst

Coventry City vs. Manchester United, April 8, 1996

Of all football injuries in history, it was the tragically final piece of news. English defender David Bust's career was abruptly ended due to an injury. In a game against Manchester United in April 1996, while I was playing for Coventry, an unpleasant occurrence occurred. His injury is still frequently mentioned as one of the worst in the annals of professional football. After a fight with Brian McClure and Dennis Irwin of Manchester United, David Bust shattered his leg. His right leg's tibia and fibula both have significant complex fractures.

Bust needed 26 operations after the event and developed many infections. At the young age of 29, David Bust's injuries forced him to leave the game of professional football.

Pat Battiston, second

West Germany vs. France, July 8, 1982

The World Cup was obscured by Patrick Battiston, a French football player best remembered for the 1982 semifinal match. Harald Schumacher, the goalie for West Germany, bumped with the French defender. Battiston was rendered unconscious by the violent punch to Schumacher's shoulder, and he also sustained fractured teeth and torn vertebrae. The injury to Patrick Battiston was so serious that he needed oxygen on the field. After five months of therapy and treatment, he fully recovered.

Petr Cech 3.

Chelsea vs. Reading, October 14, 2006

Petr Cech, the Chelsea goalkeeper, nearly died in a contentious challenge in October 2006 when Stephen Hunt, a Reading player, connected with his head. He nearly died since the experience was so horrific. He was removed off the playing field and passed out in the locker room. His wound was interior enough to cause a blood clot. He was sent to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, where a depressed skull fracture was treated surgically. He sustained injuries after receiving a knee to the head. Three months after it was declared that Cech would not play football for at least a year, he unexpectedly made his way back into Chelsea's starting lineup.

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