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VIDEO: Royal AM chairman was dancing even though his team was losing against Orlando Pirates

The chairman of Royal AM was at their game last night up against the Soweto giants Orlando Pirates FC and they lost the match. All the supporters of the KwaZulu-Natal based team were expected to be sad because of the one goal scored by Orlando Pirates, but then Andile Mpisane was having a good time for himself. Their huge supporter was not happy, Mama Joy.

The moment the camera went to him and everyone who was around him, he started dancing because he knew that the camera was on him and they were amused. He was dancing to his song of Amapiano, and he got many people laughing and surprised at that reaction. Even though he should be sad, he did not allow the loss to become a determining factor for a happy time.

It shows that you have to go for the best times as much as possible, and in that way, you have a great time. He is usually seen with the gents team, while his wife is with the ladies team. They are both active in football and they are on top of the management. The chairman has no attention to feeling sad because they have lost their match.

He was with the people on the stand and that was great. He did not see the need to be seated in the VIP section while the most fun part is found in the public seats. It is well known that when it comes to VIP, those individuals are seated down most of the time and there is no huge vibe. Everyone in that section is relaxed rather than having to enjoy like other people.

That is why other people like Andile Mpisane will prefer and love to be in the public domain on their section, and that is where you get a lot of thrilling moments. Most of the time, they will be up on their feet rather than having to sit down. You can't be seated down while you are in the middle of the crowd because you are not going to believe able to watch the game. You have to stand up, and you will see the game better.

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